Improscar Patch – Breast Lift


Improscar Patch™ are water resistant silicone sheets for treatment of scars. Each Improscar Patch will remain on the scar for an average of one week and can be worn in the shower.

Improscar Patch – Breast Reduction contains the size of patches usually needed to treat the scars that occurs after breast reduction surgery.


Minimize the visibility of your scars following a breast reduction and breast lift surgery

Improscar Patch for Breast Lift is a water-resistant silicone dressing (patch) that helps reduce the visibility of your surgery scars after a breast reduction or breast lift. Each Improscar Patch stays on the scar for an average of one week and can also be used in the shower. Improscar Patch – Breast reduction contains the patches that are normally needed to treat the scars that occur after having a breast reduction. 

Breast reduction is a plastic surgery operation aimed at reducing the mammary gland tissue. The most common reson for this procedure is gigantomastia, i.e. having such a heavy bust that it causes pain in the back and neck. Another reason can also be purely cosmetic; in connection with breast reduction, the breasts are also lifted. Large, heavy, and sagging breasts can cause pain, aches and tiredness in the neck, shoulders and surrounding area. This can of course contribute to difficulties in finding suitable clothing and it can be downright impossible to participate in certain physical activity. In connection with this, many women also find it uncomfortable as it affects one’s self-confidence. Post surgery, it is important to use Improscar Patch in order to get the best results, and reduce the visibility of the scars as much as possible. The product provides an optimal environment for scar maturation and at the same time protects the scar against external stresses such as chafing / irritation from clothes and more.

Improscar patch is a medical device with CE mark for sales in Europe and registered at FDA for sales in USA.


– If you have a very active lifestyle including activities that makes you sweat a lot. This can lead to heat rash on the skin where Improscar Patch is situated due to sweat and heat buildup from the workout.

– If you use a high compression garment and/or pressure foam on top of the scar. This can lead to shearing which can result in blisters.

In the above cases we recommend to use one of our silicone based sticks instead.

“Improscar Patch – Breast Lift” contains the following:

4x Improscar Wipe™ (Alcohol based cleaning wipe)
8x Improscar Patch circle, diameter 80 mm
8x Improscar Patch 80×30 mm
8x Improscar Patch 200×30 mm
1x Patient information leaflet

Ingredients: Polydimethylsiloxane, Polytrimethylsiloxane, Polyether Polyurethane Film.


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4 Weeks