Improscar Stick 50 – 27.5 gram


Improscar Stick® 50 is the world’s first water resistant silicone-based stick for scar treatment with SPF 50, making scars less visible.


Effective scar treatment to help promote healing

Improscar Stick® 50 – 27.5 g, is the world’s first water-resistant silicone stick with SPF 50 for those who are looking for an effective scar treatment to help heal their acne scars and scars after surgery etc. The stick is a discreet but effective way to treat your scars and works to soften, smooth, and reduce the visibility of your scars. This makes Improscar Stick® 50 the perfect choice for someone who wants a discreet scar treatment for scars on visible areas of the skin. Note that the product will not fill the indentations that are often associated with acne scars, but it can reduce the visibility of the scar by decreasing the redness and partially smoothing out the scar.

Improscar Stick® 50 creates a transparent, waterproof and optimal environment for scar maturation and also protects it from external stress such as UV radiation, rain, sweat, and more. This allows you to feel protected in your daily life and enables you to get an effective treatment efficiently on the go. No matter where on the body, Improscar helps you to reduce the visibility of the scars. Improscar Stick® 50 is made with medical grade silicone which provides a secure layer of protection.

Doctors have used silicone for scar treatment since 1982 with good results and safety documented in several medical studies.

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27.5 gram