About bruises

Bruising occurs after an injury to the skin which results in leakage of blood from the blood vessels to adjacent tissue. The blood in the tissue then gives rise to discolored skin. Initially, the color of the bruise is blue to red, but after a few days the color turns yellow and green. Bruises can be swollen and hurt because the skin damage creates an inflammation.

Accidents, injection treatments and surgery are common causes of bruising and the degree of damage to the area normally dictates the size and severity of the bruise. There may also be other underlying factors such as age and blood thinning medication that can make the skin more susceptible to bruising.

If you suspect that you will get a bruise, it is good to cool the affected area. Put ice in a towel and press against the damage. The cold causes the blood vessels to contract so that the leakage of blood decreases. The cold also reduces the swelling. Then you can use Bruise MDTM which helps to further reduce swelling and rinse off accumulated blood. The treatment should continue for as long as the bruise persists.

Bruise MDTM

Bruise MDTM is a new method for treatment and prevention of bruises. The product can be used after various surgical procedures and treatments (e.g. injection of Fillers and Botox) to reduce the risk of bruising and swelling.

Bruise MDTM is a medical device with clinical that has been clinically proven to prevent bruises from forming and to speed up the time it takes for bruises to improve. Bruise MD has been proven to have a statistically significant reduction in frequency, severity and duration of bruising.

The product is based on 3 main ingredients / mechanisms of action:

  1. Glycerol moves with water through special channels in the skin and rinses off the blood and other residues that leaked into the space between the cells.
  2. Almond oil which when absorbed into the skin makes the skin less transparent.
  3. Silicone oil that forms a thin film which permeates oxygen but maintains moisture. This helps moisturize the underlying skin and “rinse off” the bruise.

In addition, the product contains menthol, which contributes to a cooling effect and pleasant aroma.

Bruise MDTM forms a transparent film on the skin and when the gel has dried it is possible to cover the area with makeup, sun protection etc.

How to use Bruise MDTM

Bruise MDTM should be used as early as possible. The affected area should be treated with Bruise MDTM 3 times a day. Continue the treatment until the bruise is completely gone.

Bruise MDTM may only be used on intact skin. If the injury or surgery resulted in a wound (an opening in the skin), the product can be applied around the injury, but not directly over the wound.