Improscar Patch – Skin Lesions


Improscar Patch™ are water resistant silicone sheets for treatment of scars. Each Improscar Patch will remain on the scar for an average of one week and can be worn in the shower.

Improscar Patch – Skin Lesions contains the size of patches usually needed to treat the scars that occurs after skin lesino removal.


Effective scar treatment for scars caused by skin lesions

Improscar Patch for Skin Lesions is a water-resistant silicone dressing (patch) used for reducing the visibility of scars caused by various skin lesions, such as acne and eczema. or skin leasion removal. Each Improscar Patch is made to securely cover the scar and remains on the scar for about one week. The silicone dressing is water resistant, meaning it can be used in the shower. Improscar Patch provides an optimal environment for scar maturation and at the same time protects the scar against external stresses such as chafing / irritation from clothes and more.

Improscar Patch for Skin Lesions contains the patches that are normally needed to reduce the visibility of scars left by various skin lesions that many people have experienced. Those who suffer from different scars, especially on the face, usually find it difficult to be around other people. Feeling ashamed of the appearance of a scar can make people choose to isolate themselves. Therefore, a discreet  and effective treatment like Improscar Patch is perfect as it can be used anywhere on the body where you have scarring.

You can feel safe in using Improscar Patch™ silicone dressing as doctors have used silicone for scar treatment since 1982 with good results and safety documented in several medical studies. Improscar Patch is a medical device with CE marking in Europe and registration with the FDA for sale in the USA.


– If you have a very active lifestyle including activities that makes you sweat a lot. This can lead to heat rash on the skin where Improscar Patch is situated due to sweat and heat buildup from the workout.

– If you use a high compression garment and/or pressure foam on top of the scar. This can lead to shearing which can result in blisters.

In the above cases we recommend to use one of our silicone based sticks instead.

“Improscar Patch – Skin Lesions” contains the following:

4x Improscar Wipe™ (Alcohol based cleaning wipe)
4x Improscar Patch 30×30 mm
1x Patient information leaflet

12x Improscar Wipe (Alcohol based cleaning wipe)
12x Improscar Patch 30×30 mm
1x Patient information leaflet

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Polytrimethlysiloxane, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Vinyl Acetate, Ethylhexyl Acrylate, Polyether Polyurethane Film, Glycerin.

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